We Are IT That Works For You

As a full-service information technology firm, we provide clients with a variety of solutions tailored to make IT work for their businesses. 

What Makes Us Different

24/7 Availability

We’re there for you and your team when you need us, not just during regular business hours.

Backup Solutions

With a consistent backup protocols in place, your data will stay where it needs to be: in your business.

Custom Network & Server Configurations

We configure your network and server based on a number of variables including the number of users, their locations, software needs, and file usage.


Security Solutions

Small business owners are often targeted by ransomware and hit with viruses. We setup the latest security updates to keep our clients secure.


Upfront Pricing

We give a consistenly hourly rate without the hidden charges others use. No charge to drive onsite, for a price quote, or to run paperwork.

System Monitoring

We’ll know when your system has an issue and will be working to fix it, often before you’re aware of it.

Our Solutions

Hardware Solutions

Unsure whether your team should convert to using tablets, 3-in-1s, laptops, or a combination of them? We evaluate your needs, then give you a set of recommendations.


Software Solutions

Are you using the most efficient software for your business needs? We evaluate what you have, what you need, and your ideal system, then make recommendations on how to get there.

Device Management

Devices can vary from person to person, and getting them all up to date (and secure) is necessary with so many security issues popping up. We work with your team to maintain secure devices.

Strategic Updates

We run updates to your systems for you, giving you that time to instead focus on running your business.


With True Blue’s attention to detail when selecting a cloud solution, your data will be as safe and secure as possible while maintaining your company’s new level of high productivity and your peace of mind.



Our remote and VPN solutions create secure networks which can be accessed from multiple authorized locations around the world.



Our set of wireless protocols and security measures allow you to rest easy knowing that your files are secure while still being able to provide the benefit to your customers of free WiFi.


We can reconfigure all of your businesses’ desktops for optimal efficiency without the need to upgrade to a new workstation.

Don't Be Shy

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime at 207-233-3779 or email us at info@truebluens.com.